Brand coach for female entrepreneurs


What’s your brand superpower?

As a brand strategist I believe that every business has a unique brand superpower; that special something that sets you apart from everyone else.

It can be tough enough trying to articulate who and what you are, so trying to figure out that special something; your unique selling point can be near impossible.

My brand superpower is extracting that special something in a way that will connect with your audience, that will make you stand out from the sea of sameness and harness your brand truth. This is my gift, my intuition and 20 years experience of building brands.  I’ll help create a brand for you with solid foundations so you feel confident and excited to share it with the world.

What you can expect from me


  • A clear step-by-step process with guidance, support and valuable insights the whole way through.
  • Clarity on your business offering and vision.
  • A detailed brand model – not just a logo but your brand truth, proposition, values and personality.
  • Visual branding that truly reflects your business sets you apart and appeals to your target market.
  • A framework for marketing your business and communicating with clients and prospects.
  • Mentoring based on 20 years’ experience working with brands big and small.
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How I work

I’ve developed a 5-step process that takes you and your brand from floundering to full flight. It’s how I work with many clients but it’s not the only option, I also offer a bespoke service.

5 steps to building your unstoppable brand

We start with a video call or meeting so I can find out where your business is currently and where you want to be. First I’ll send you a questionnaire to complete to get you really thinking about your business as a brand and help you articulate your thoughts, we’ll then set up a 2 hour session so I can get to heart of your business and hone in on that brand goal.
After the session I analyse our work and findings  in detail so I can understand what makes your business special. I then work on pinning down your true brand essence so I can develop a unique customer promise that will appeal to your target audience.
The next stage is for me to define the various aspects of your brand, including its proposition, values and personality. We then have a video call so I can talk you through my insights and ideas using my brand model.
Once you’re happy with the brand model, I produce a creative brief for your brand style. I then find the right designer for you and manage the whole creative process. The result is a brand that’s not only beautiful, but helps you really stand out and attract the clients you’re looking for.
Once you’re happy with your branding and feel it communicates your offering perfectly, it’s time to tell the world. Whether you need a website, marketing materials or a full-blown marketing campaign, I can help you grow your business and gain the kind of clients you want.
Maybe you’re already set up with your business but your brand’s not working hard enough. Perhaps you want to get your products sold in big retailers. Or maybe you want to get your business ready to sell it. Whatever your particular challenge I can work with you to achieve your goals successfully.

“I thought I just needed a logo, but what I got was so much more, Deborah really got to grips with what I wanted to achieve and made it happen. We explored every possibility so that I got clear on my business and understood who I needed to appeal to. I have a brand that feels true to me and know it will last as the business grows. Deborah is extremely business minded and I felt safe in knowing she’d worked with big name brand for over 20 years. She’s also very creative and helped steer the designer to create something so true to me, they got it right the first time. Doing the hard work first has really paid off for me and I would recommend Deborah to anyone who needs help in creating and establishing a brand.”

Ria InglbyFounder of Well+

“Working through the brand discovery process made me completely re-evaluate my business and gave me the clarity I needed to be able to communicate me and my services to my target market. I am so excited to be launching my new brand and would definitely recommend Deborah.

Liz Cunningham, ONHC

“As I was just starting out I had no idea where to even begin creating a brand and know I needed some help. Deborah was recommended to me by a colleague and loved the work she’s done for her in created her name and brand that truly reflected her. The initial consultation was great and from there everything flowed, it was time consuming but it’s so true that spending time and money to get things right from the start is what really matters. The best part was the name generation, Deb had said when you see it you’ll just know, and I really did, from that point the logo design was pretty straight forward and then the website build was the final element. I now have a brand that is a true reflection of me and so many people reiterate that when I tell them about The Food Boss. Deb is very good at reminding me not to stray away from my values and be true to what we came up with right at the beginning. I couldn’t have asked for anyone else to share this great experience with and it will firmly remain in my business history as the very starting point!”


“Branding with Deborah was one of the best business decisions to date. She knows exactly what she is doing, exactly the process she is taking you through and I was stunned by the result. I have been trying to describe what I do simply and effectively for years and she nailed it in one conversation with brilliant insight. Basically she is fantastic at what she does.”

Carey GlassManagement Consultant and Occupational Psychologist

‘It’s amazing how one little conversation can change things forever’