Why you need a brand strategy for your business?

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What can a brand strategy do for you and your business?

Well, how does brand recognition, loyalty and a buying audience sound?

When an audience understands you, what you stand for and what value you can bring to their lives, they can start to like you; when you dial up your uniqueness you find your tribe and they begin to fall in love with you. And once that happens they want more of you and will buy from you.

I get it we all want to rush to the fun part of creating logos, choosing colours and getting our website live, but you need to understand what you want your business to be to create a solid brand that lasts. And every great brand needs a solid strategy – and it begins with research:

Here are a few tips to help you build a solid brand, which will help you grow your business:

Research and insights

Start with your ideal client; I’m not talking about how they take their coffee or how many kids they have; you need to know what motivates them to buy and what their pain-points are so you can help solve them. Look at the clients you’ve loved working with, ask them for feedback so you can attract more of them, research your target market in Facebook groups and create easy to answer polls.

Research your competitors, as much as you may not care who they are, your potential clients will be looking at them, so its good to understand what’s happening in the marketplace, where you sit and what you offer that’s different.


Brand Purpose

Your research doesn’t just stop there, you need to research all about YOU, and you need to go deep. First up is your brand purpose – this is your ‘WHY’; communicating why you started the business, why you’re driven to get up in the morning and do what you do will really helps you connect with your audience emotionally. Emotional connections are why people buy, so share your purpose and show what you care about. If you feel strongly about a certain topic, voice it; disrupt the market and stop being vanilla.

Brand Values

What do you stand for and how do you want you clients to feel? Brand values are for your audience to feel and are a non-negotiable part of your brand. Values attract your kind of people, so dial them up as much as possible to gain their trust.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

This is a biggy – it’s your ‘specialness’, your ‘superpower’, ‘your ‘essence’, ‘your special sauce’.  Call it what you will, it all means the same thing and should set you apart from everyone else. Social channels are full of brands all fighting for your attention, but using the same messaging and often looking the same. Take a look around to see just how unique we are as humans, so why would your brand be any different.  Figure out who you are, know the value of what you do and stand in your truth.


Getting your USP right means your audience can better understand what you can give them and the way in which you deliver this, being clear means people can buy from you.

Be consistent at every touchpoint, online and offline; build brand awareness at every opportunity with the same messages because a confused audience won’t buy from you and will buy from a competitor who they better understand.

Let’s talk about personality

Identifying your brand personality is much easier when you are creating a brand for a product rather than yourself, as you’re thinking like a brand and how you’d like consumers to interact with the product. When you’re thinking about yourself it gets personal.

Our personalities are vast and complex, so it’s tough to narrow down how you show up In your brand, but think about how you want your clients to interact with your products or services, how do you deliver what you do and how do you want your audience to feel?

Brand stretch

As your business evolves, your brand will need to grow and adapt with it, so when you’re creating a brand make sure you go deep in understanding how big this brand could be. See the potential and build a brand that can grow with you. You should conduct regular audits of your brand to make sure it’s still aligned with ‘who you are’, ‘what you do’ and that you’re presenting this consistently.

If you’re targeting a different audience or you’re changing your services or products you may need a rebrand or perhaps your name is fine but you need to reposition your brand because you’ve outgrown it.

Remember, it’s a journey

I truly feel that the process of creating a brand is also a journey of self-discovery. It’s a combination of research and self-exploration that, when done properly will help you understand yourself better , what you want out of life and how you want to shape your business- so by the end of the brand discovery process you feel able to step into your brand and truly own it.


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